Agile and Work From Home

Organisations are scratching their heads right now. What is happening?
Consultants said Co-location is a key component of Agile.

Why is productivity up?

The Agile consultants have it all wrong. Co-location isn’t needed.
Our Enterprise is moving like Luke Sky Walker flying to kill the death star.
The secret smile. Consultants are all full of S*#T!

This is true. Most Agile consultants are like fat personal trainers. Why are you trusting someone who is out of shape themselves? Let’s definitely stop doing that.

Top 5 Steps To Becoming A Successful Personal Trainer | Danny ...

So what is really happening?
Will this productivity stay after lockdown?
The answer is No!

What is happening then?
Ok to sum it up. You have a radical focus. The teams are scared of losing their jobs and there is nothing else to do.
No pubs, restaurants or gyms

Wake-up, work, exercise, house jobs (repeat)

When the lockdown comes off. All the shiny things come back.
Restaurants, gyms, theatre, friends!

As an Agile Leader, you want to keep the productivity. What can you do?

First, we need to be honest with each other. You weren’t doing Agile before. You had some post-it notes on the wall.
The analogy is you wanted to win the formula one. You turned up in the driver’s outfit. Stretched. Hired the PR team. Had the pretty girls but didn’t buy a race car!
You got out on the track and tried to sprint to compete with the cars. It was never going to happen. Maybe you were more advanced and bought a pushbike to the race track.
Then went to the after-party to celebrate.

If we truly want to win. It is time to get serious!

Did you know that you go even faster than now? with less effort!

Over the next few days. I am going to teach you how to hit the reset button and do serious Agile. Let’s win the race together.

You will need co-location so don’t throw away the keys to the office yet